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Hey guys, I’m Tania Rayan. I believe that there is magic and art in every corner of the world and I love viewing it through my lens. I ain’t a master of words but that is what has built me into a visual artist that I am.

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 A basic DSLR camera at home intrigued me and so I started looking out on how to use it. In no time I was out on the streets capturing whatever that looked good within my frame. But what started out as a hobby took real shape when I did Visual Communication in Loyola college, Chennai. I started understanding the beauty of the medium. The urge to create astonishing images kept me woking better. And that is how, here I am as a full time Professional Photographer providing my services to various industries. I consider each opportunity I get as a learning experience and a platform to grow.

So if you want to work with me or meet me in person, to sit down and ideate something good, shoot me a message in the form given below.


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Contact : 9787887112

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